• Meditation,  Self-development,  Spirituality

    The Importance of Following Your Intuition

    In the middle of trying to resume my life post-India, I’ve mistakenly gotten myself into a frenzied (downward) spiral of picking up where I left off six months ago by dividing my goals into nine different categories. The wall above my desk became engulfed with all the detailed plans and To-do lists, including writing all the posts about my travelling experiences – I had SO MUCH to share and to catch up on but it seems like there was never enough time! Every day of my planner was full, which is pretty ridiculous considering I’m technically unemployed. What can I…

  • Yoga

    Headstands – Just How Dangerous Are They?

    If you’re a yoga enthusiast or a yoga practitioner like myself, chances are you’ve tried doing a headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) in a class, for fun with your friends… or alone at home. You’ve probably balanced alongside that same wall many…

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