During the meditation retreat in the middle of the jungle in Koh Samui, Thailand, I spent a week facing my own thoughts in silence. After a few days of blending in with the environment and stilling my mind, I kept on seeing a symbol whenever I meditated. It was an open palm with a circle-shaped swirl in the middle of it. I wasn’t sure what it meant and had forgotten about it for a few months until one day I was surfing the web and noticed that exact symbol in the corner of one of the websites. I clicked on it and there it was; the Reiki healing hand.

I’ve heard of Reiki before and was always attracted to the idea of it, but haven’t experienced it first-hand. I took whatever happened there as a little nudge from the Universe to get attuned and start practising.

Since my teenage years, I’ve felt a strong connection to Elven symbols, as outlined in Marjetka Jersek’s book Kandelar Dve and have been working with them for more than a decade. I tend to include them in my Reiki sessions as a way of setting clear intentions and to enhance certain energies.

In fact, a symbol that I’ve adopted as a part of my name and for my yoga & well-being project, Elan Rei, is an Elven symbol for flying. I have a strong connection to it, as it’s the most common occurrence in my dreams and I feel like I’m flying after most of the spiritual practices I perform in the waking life. It evokes a blissful state of being, has very potent energy and has drastically enhanced my experience on this planet; I’ve “taken off” into living the easygoing, lighthearted and joyful (ecstatic at times!) life that I’ve dreamed of when I was younger.

My attunements to Level I & Level II Usui Ryoho Reiki were completed in early September 2018, and I received an attunement for Master Level in May 2019. I’ve been practising Reiki & energy work on myself and others on a regular basis. Since coming to India in January 2019 I continued performing distance sessions and found them to be as effective as the ones done in person.


What does a Reiki session look like?

During the session, the person is lying down on a massage table in a candle-lit environment with relaxing music playing in the background. I often diffuse essential oils in the air and start/finish with a guided meditation to aid the relaxation process. The person closes their eyes and remains fully clothed and covered with a blanket to keep warm. Next, I open my connection with the universal energy by using Reiki symbols that I’m attuned to and focus on directing this healing energy into the person’s energetic centres (chakras) by placing my hands on or just above various points of the body, however, your body knows best where the healing is needed, so it will direct the energy further to the parts of the body that need it most.

Reiki healing with chakra stones

Often I also use healing crystals to aid the process and would like to point out that I, as a Reiki practitioner, only serve as a transmitter for the universal healing energy and do not claim to be a healer, that possesses such qualities.

Reiki energy works with your subconscious in the following way: the body directs it into the physical, mental and emotional blockages within your energy field and releases them. It works in layers, meaning it only reaches as deep into your subconscious to remove the blockages as you’re currently ready, which is why it’s advisable to receive Reiki healing sessions regularly.

Best way to think of what happens during a Reiki session is to imagine a cold minestrone soup (I’m going somewhere with this, I promise :D!). The soup (your energy field) is smooth, clear and calm on the surface, but once you direct the heat (Reiki energy) to it, it starts bubbling up and bringing all the bits of pasta and vegetables (suppressed emotions, blockages) to the surface.

And that’s the deal with Reiki. You may think you’re fine, but deep down you can feel all the limiting patterns and blockages in your subconscious running (and often times ruining) your life. Once we direct universal energy into the subconscious, these blockages release and rise up to the surface, hence why common side effects after a Reiki healing session include heightened sensitivity, emotional outpours, irritability, mood swings, tiredness and fatigue. Your body, mind and soul are being cleansed, which may take some time, but once these blockages are released, that’s it – they’re gone.

All sessions last between 1/1.5 hours. My belief is that Reiki should be accessible to everyone, no matter their income, so get in touch to discuss the best price option for you.

I also perform Level I attunements – once you’re attuned you can use the healing power of Reiki on yourself and don’t have to rely on a Reiki practitioner.


Reiki has changed my life – a dramatic statement, but a truthful one!

It’s helped my body and mind bring up subconscious patterns, suppressed memories, emotions and limiting beliefs. It’s been hard work dealing with all of this, but extremely freeing at the same time.

The emotional, physical and mental progress has been intense since I started practising Reiki. I look at it as an essential part of self-development and would recommend it to anyone, especially people that are looking to heal the deepest parts of their subconscious, deeply rooted damaging beliefs or any sort of addictions.


Contact me now to find out more or to schedule a Reiki healing session

(in-person OR distance).



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