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The Importance of Following Your Intuition

In the middle of trying to resume my life post-India, I’ve mistakenly gotten myself into a frenzied (downward) spiral of picking up where I left off six months ago by dividing my goals into nine different categories. The wall above my desk became engulfed with all the detailed plans and To-do lists, including writing all the posts about my travelling experiences – I had SO MUCH to share and to catch up on but it seems like there was never enough time!

Every day of my planner was full, which is pretty ridiculous considering I’m technically unemployed.

What can I say… my ambition took over and my world was being ruled with an iron fist. The urge to get back on my feet and re-launch myself into the world was far too great.

There was discipline, there was the focus…

And there I was, feeling more and more uninspired and dead inside with each passing day. I traded in my social life, the joy of spontaneity and Orange Is The New Black binge just to get things done. My logical side of the brain had officially taken over and silenced my soul over the past month. So much for finally finding my balance!

How did I let this happen?!

Me, a hard-core advocate for listening to the gut!

A woman, who’s packed her bags and left for India with:

  1.  A 100% trust in the Universe, and
  2. a mission to follow her intuition anywhere

Thankfully, the New Moon brought in a breeze of fresh perspective in a form of Vishen Lakhiani and his company called Mindvalley, which awakened my creative feminine side and put a stop to the logical tyranny.

However, by pure chance, it also managed to burst one of the mayas or illusions that I (along with the rest of the world) cultivated for almost as long as I can remember:

You have to work hard to become successful and to get what you want.”

I call bullshit.


New Moon – New Beginning

On the morning of the New Moon a few days ago I was faced with a very simple question:

Do I go to the pool with my mum?

Yes, very simple question indeed… for some!

But in my case, the Mind and the Gut were having a standoff, leaving me in the middle. Even though I haven’t been using my intuition much since I came home from India, I can still hear it clearly – it has remained strong, and one thing I’ve definitely learned so far is to always, always, always listen to the gut feeling.

But the brain (being the brain) will find ways to make you play tricks on yourself while watching from afar.

You know that time you tried meditating and the mind convinced you it was too hard? Or that time you tried a juice fast and caved in on day 3 after convincing yourself that your jaw simply needs some action by biting on that crispy-on-the-outside but gooey-on-the-inside cookie?

Yep, that was your mind having an absolute ball (and your taste buds reaping the reward).

But this time, I wasn’t having any of it!


Bending Reality

I stood up to my mind and chose to listen to my intuition for the first time in more than a month.

And so, at 10.30am, it hit me! I randomly signed up for a seminar at Mindvalley called Bending Reality the night before – the title definitely caught my eye at the bottom of a YouTube video – and it was due to start in half an hour. What a fortunate coincidence!

For those who are not familiar with Mindvalley; it’s an educational personal growth and spiritual development platform created by Vishen Lakhiani in 2002 in a former Thai Massage Parlour (yep, one of THOSE) in New York. Being broke at the time, he had no choice but to create his first Mindvalley website on an old IKEA coffee table that he salvaged from the street.

As a big fan of meditation, he realised that by accessing his intuition he was able to make better decisions, which consequently enabled him to grow his business bigger and bigger into what it is today; one of the top companies helping 2.5 million people a month become the best versions of themselves.

I tend to hang out on Mindvalley quite a lot, as I find a lot of free life-altering information on there – I’m not a member, as it’s out of my financial reach at this point in life (you can relax now, I’m not trying to sell you stuff:P).

But the information I gathered from Vishen’s masterclass Bending Reality literally blew my mind! It gave me an answer to why I’ve been feeling so lifeless and depressed over the past month despite such high productivity and has directed me towards a highly anticipated new chapter, where I get to abandon my goals and follow my intuition one more time!

So, Life, bring it on!


The Evolution of Consciousness

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already aware that your thoughts create your experiences. You probably reach for visualisation exercises on a regular basis to manifest and use affirmations and intention setting to achieve your goals. Great! I’m a big fan too.

However, the thing I’d like to know is: how many times have you found yourself hitting the same wall, attracting the same people and situations just when you thought you’ve learned your lesson?

I’ve noticed myself repeating past patterns over and over again. My life, my behaviour and my thoughts have been upgraded radically, yet my progress always stopped at the same point. I knew it was my limiting beliefs holding me back and that I needed to clear those if I wanted to move forward once and for all.

But how could I achieve that?

” Patterns are a sign of stuck energy.”

– Jeffrey Allen

There’s so much information out there, and I must’ve read every self-development book there is, but I was still unable to find a truly effective method that would help me advance to the next level.

That is until I came across Vishen’s theory of The Evolution of Consciousness describing four different stages and tools we can use to achieve our limitless potential and live the life we’ve dreamed of – minus the hard work. The important message is to ease into our intuition and let go of control by giving life a chance to deliver an abundance of opportunity and experiences.

The Evolution of Consciousness:

1. Living in the culture scape

When you’re in this stage you’re influenced by society’s idea of what life should be like, life happens to you as you feel you have no control over it and you often embody the role of a victim. You have goals, but they’re often other people’s ideas, and they don’t coincide with what you truly want on the deepest level.

How to advance to Level 2?

Challenge the beliefs that society imposes on you. Do a daily exercise called ‘Segment Intending’ by Esther Hicks, where you divide your day into smaller segments and ask yourself for each of them:

Wouldn’t it be nice…

then complete the sentence. Using your imagination will help your brain realise that anything is possible and that your life can be transformed from mediocre to extraordinary, triggering the upgrade.

2. The Awakening

You realise you’re NOT a victim and you have a choice in creating your life the way you want it. You set your intentions and use positive affirmations to achieve your vision.

How to advance to Level 3?

Creative visualisation is your friend in this case. Make sure you’re clear on what you want first, though, but avoid asking the Universe for specific things. Let it deliver what’s best for you. You might be positively surprised!

3. Recoding your Self

You understand that there is a world inside of you and that you can tap into it, access deep altered states to create your experiences.

How to advance to Level 4?

The trick is to learn how to listen to your intuition and then follow it – and we’re talking blindly here!

 Everyone has intuition, healing and psychic abilities.”

– Jeffrey Allen

Your intuition is already talking to you, no matter what stage of consciousness you are at. So why is it so difficult to hear it? Because it’s drowned out by the noise inside your head, formed of other people’s opinions, the messages you’ve picked up from the TV and the social media. That’s why it’s important to learn how to still your mind and distinguish between those. And, yes, that means meditating – focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts passing you by without attaching yourself to them.

Once you’re ready to receive your intuition, you’ll know. Ask your spirit, what do you need to know, what should you do next. The answers will come. Usually, it’s the first thought that enters your mind, and the answers might seem confusing because it’s different to what you were expecting to hear. Go with it anyway, no matter how crazy or irrational it seems. Practice makes perfect, so give yourself time to strengthen your bond and increase the clarity of the messages.

4. Becoming Limitless

You’ve surrendered to your intuition and trust the flow of life completely – it’s brought you amazing synchronicities, opportunities and abundance. Manifesting is instant and effortless – you’ve merged with your intentions and don’t have to repeat yourself to get what you want.

Listening to your spirit has enabled you to drop planning and intention setting for your future, as you’re aware that your goals might not be in line with your Highest Purpose. You realise that life has no limits and you have the power within to influence the world around you. You feel connected to the Universe and follow your inspiration, as luck seems to always be on your side.

There is a sense of total peace inside of you and you no longer feel the need to compete with others. You’re aligned with your soul’s purpose and are motivated by your need to serve and contribute to the world in your own way.

In all the years of gathering information about the evolution of the mind and the soul, this is by far the most significant piece of information I’ve come across.

It also explains why so many of us are spinning in circles and hitting the same wall over and over again: You can’t advance to the next level of consciousness by using the wrong tools, meaning, if you’re on Level 2 and you’re using the tools used to advance from Level 3 to Level 4, you’re not going to get very far. Or if you’re on Level 3 and you’re still using goal setting instead of following your intuition (which is what I’d done in the past month), that will make it impossible to get to Level 4.

So, on that note, be honest with yourself.

Which level are you at and what can you do to progress? Comment below!

Take responsibility for your life and use appropriate tools to climb the evolution ladder of your consciousness – no one is going to it for you!

Forgive and forget

It is a known and well-researched fact that we can access altered states of consciousness by meditating.

But what does that actually mean?

In our case, in order to bend reality and create the life of our dreams, we must first turn inwards by meditating on Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness. Reaching Theta level results in activating our psychic potential, and the most effective tool for reaching both levels is meditating on forgiveness.

This was discovered during one of the meditation researches, where one woman kept on reaching the Alpha levels of consciousness. As the result stood out from the rest of the meditating participants, the scientists wanted to get to the bottom of it. When asked what she was meditating on, she replied:

I don’t know. I guess I was just trying to forgive my ex-husband.”

When you choose to forgive people that have hurt you or when you start forgiving yourself, you eliminate a major energy block: grudge and resentment. They are known to hold a tight grip on people and make it harder, if not impossible for them to move on and make room for new relationships, opportunities and experiences.

A great place to start is taking time for a daily guided meditation based on forgiveness. Make a commitment to really dig deep and forgive people – one by one. Take your time making your way through your past grudges, and don’t forget to forgive yourself too. What I’ve noticed is whenever I do a forgiveness meditation and let go of the resentment, the next morning I feel like I was hit by a truck – which is a very normal reaction. The deeper the grudge the bigger the release.

Some of my favourite guided meditations on YouTube are created by Jason Stephenson, Sarah Hall, Melanie Beckler and The Meditative Mind.

To sum up, we all have the potential to become limitless and reach a state of consciousness where anything is possible. We don’t have to work hard to achieve a life we’ve always wanted, and we don’t have to sacrifice our relationships, our family time or our health to be successful.

Society is based on lies and it’s time we see reality for what it really is: an illusion to be played with, bent and shaped according to our deepest beliefs and desires. We are infinite, wise and powerful beings that expand beyond just the physical plane and that are able to work with our energies and our intuition to reach our full potential.

Our natural state is that of unconditional love, pure joy and unlimited abundance – we are deserving of happiness and fulfilment.

All we have to do is take back the power and reclaim what’s ours.


Wishing you a tonne of forgiveness and life-changing meditations!


Love and Light,

Spela Elan Rei


Bending Reality – A masterclass with Vishen Lakhiani

Embrace Your Energy Body – A Masterclass with Jeffrey Allen

"Magic happens when we open up to the Universe and allow ourselves the freedom to flow with life." Following her intuition, Spela Elan Rei left for India in January 2019 to see where life would take her, adhering only to one rule - make no plans. She became a 200-hr certified Yoga Instructor, Marma Therapist and a Reiki Master and is currently taking a break from travelling by teaching yoga in her homeland Slovenia. Her current missions include setting up an eco-farm, expressing her creative side, deepening Ashtanga practice and cultivating light with the help of Reiki & Elven symbols.

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